Friday, January 10, 2014

Zombie Survival Tips: Don't Panic

Hello Everyone,

I'm back with all new Zombie Survival Tips, although considering this cold I might need to prepare for The Day after Tomorrow instead.

Tip# 1 - Don't Panic 

Freaking out gets you nowhere and more than likely gets you and everyone around you dead. Frankly it is perfectly understandable if someone on your team decides to kill you. If you were on my team, I will kill you so be aware but I digress. Don't Panic. 

Even if a horde of flesh eating zombies appear at your front door, try to keep a level head and remember to breathe. You might survive. 

Post by Vikki
Twitter: ProfessorWhite

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Walking Dead: Carl Grimes

Hello Everyone,

I know it's been awhile but I am back. I am here to talk about one of my favorite characters in a zombie apocalyptic world. That character is Carl Grimes.

I know that on the show he is pretty annoying and that you wish he would have died on the farm, but trust me he is not a waste of space. 

I was very happy to see that  Carl is now more mature this season and may just live up to the awesome character that he is in the graphic novel. 

I will be running commentary on this show on my blog. I will be giving my honest opinion based off of my love for the graphic novel so be prepared! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

CDC - Zombies

Hello Everyone, 

A great friend who understands my obsession with zombies forward me a great link.

Above is the picture of the cover of a great zombie comic created by the CDC. Yes, as in the Center for Disease Control. It is funny and moves well. While I did not enjoy the ending, I enjoyed the overall layout and story. I am sure my fellow zombie-enthusiast will enjoy it as well.