Sunday, January 1, 2012

Urinal - Man Codes

So after watching an episode of Man Code apparently there are a million and one man codes for utilizing the urinals. I continued to talk about this to my significant other who explained to me that you should act like you have blinders on and always look forward. At that point being me I have a Morbid Moment. I asked, "What if the man next to you who you are completely ignoring is some crazed killer with a pig mask on and has piano wire and strangles you all because you were looking completely forward and ignoring the man next to you?"

So fellas have you ever had this Morbid Moment? Also S/N fellas you need to just have a side eye peripheral thing going on to make sure you survive in the bathroom. You never know when a crazed killer with a pig mask might get you.


  1. So why not just use a stall? Then you guys don't have to worry about the guy next to you looking or attacking with piano wire

  2. Stalls are almost not an option because it takes away your man card. Its probably the most uncomfortable moment in my day, and I have had this discussion many times. Stadiums and arenas don't even have dividers at the urinals. Most kids and guys over 60 stand like 3 feet back when they pee. It makes it so weird for everyone else! I despise public urination, almost as much as I hate shittin' in public.

  3. @Mom - We may never understand the urinal code.
    @Rich - If you could, how would you go about making the urinal situation better? I feel sorry for you guys.