Friday, March 2, 2012

5 Reasons Zombies Will Win

As I continue to write different tips and tricks for survival for the upcoming apocalypse, I realize that there is a good chance that we may fail, sadly. So I decided to compile reasons as to why we may have the potential for an Epic Fail when it come to zombies. 

5 Reasons Zombies Will Win.

5. Personality Deficiency – As Americans we tend to want a win that is epic, total annihilation of the enemy, touchdown dance in the end zone type victory. However with zombies you can’t just do that, it will be a slow long war that will cause many losses on our side and as you know we do not do well with those types of wars. 

4. Denial – We often deny how bad a situation truly is and this leaves us open to becoming overrun very quickly. We may try to say the disease only affects certain types of people or even worse we will have people who are opportunists that will want to come up with a miracle drug that can heal us from zombie bites. The reality is that by the time we wake up, it will be too late. 

3. War Tactics – Zombies are not our usual type of enemies we have faced. You cannot freeze them out, you cannot starve them out, and you cannot assassinate their leader. A zombie is essentially a one man army that will keep coming. The only way is to shoot them in the head, spraying bullets and dropping bombs are pointless. 

2. Numbers – We only have so many people that can defend the masses. You kill a zombie and you have a corpse, a zombie kills a human and you have another zombie. We have the potential to just run out of soldiers while the zombies can achieve total war and grow their numbers. 

1. Wall-E – Yes, I am talking about the cartoon movie. Essentially in this movie, the humans have become fat and lazy and dependent on the machines they built….sound like anyone we know? If we do manage to survive past the zombies, the world as we know it will be destroyed, we will no longer need the CEOs making millions of dollars a year, we are going to need welders and carpenters. We have the potential to fail just because we have because we have forgotten how to build things with our hand.

“Now you know, and knowing is half the battle” 

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