Friday, February 17, 2012

Best Zombie Killing Weapons

I know many people are mentally preparing for the zombie apocalypse so today I am going to explore weapons. I am tired of hearing about people saying, “oh, there are zombies, you shoot them in the head”. Well, duh,of coarse you do but many people I know do not own guns nor know how to shoot them. So…if the zombie apocalypse happens tomorrow what are you going to do with your lack of guns, because the average person does not have an AK47u or sniper rifle lying around. 

So one must be practical in their Zombie Apocalypse preparation because be honest if you go and raid a gun shop and do not know how to shoot the gun you are better off without the gun. Plus gun shots bring zombies!

So let’s look around your home and see what you can use as a weapon. I know we have all played zombie games and laughed at the ridiculous melee weapons but the reality is some of these make good weapons when you do not have a gun. Heck, Tyrese from The Walking Dead prefers a hammer and he was a beast!

  1. Baseball Bat – My preferred weapon because it adds to your arm length. It is easy to wield and causes a great deal of damage. It is also effective when getting a few zombies of you by swinging wide. Reasonable Durability if wooden or aluminum bat.                                                                         

  1. Gun – I figured I would put this on the list in case someone does have one. Guns are great, they allow for a kill from a great distance but they cause a lot of noise which may attract zombies and humans which is always a bad thing. Plus if you run out of bullets you are screwed.

  1. Crowbar/Tire Iron – We all have these items in our car. They can be effective but it allows for Zombies to be a little bit closer for your kill. Great Durability. Zombie bite is a great possibility. 

  1. Golf Club – While it is effective in bashing in a Zombie’s head, it is easily bent. It does add to your arm length which is essential when defending yourself from a zombie attack.

  1. Basic Kitchen Knife – This will be an extremely close kill that requires a great deal of strength. Most Likely for a Zombie bite. 

  1. Common Rake – Average item we all have in our yards but is great for swinging that fatal blow. May break after a few uses but allows for distance in your kill.

  1. Cast Iron Pan – While it does not become bent easily, it will cause you to do an up close and personal kill which allows for a zombie bite to be likely. 

  1. Axe – Allows for a moderate level of arm length. The possibility of a zombie bite is lower but make sure you wield with precision if you miss and the axe becomes embedded into something or the zombie you may run into some difficulties.

  1. Chainsaw – I’m not quite sure how many people have these lying around their home but apparently after interviewing a few family members and friends, surprising more had them then I thought. This is a fantastic weapon in theory because while it will cut through your enemy, it runs on gas which if you run out you are screwed.

The most important thing to remember when surviving a Zombie Filled World is that anything can be used as a weapon when done right!


  1. My weapon of choose would def be prayer! "I rebuke u in the name of Jesus." Ha!!!


    1. hahaha made my day^^ prayer...haha yeh since thats always worked

  2. @Trish - that's what you will say to the Zombies? lol

  3. the most important "weapon" in a zombie apocalypse is your brain. eventually you'll run out of weapons and options and end up having to do some MacGyver type stuff to battle, escape, etc. been reading all your zombie blogs...very nice. and 28 Days Later is awesome


    1. Hi JJ,

      Very true, your mind would help you the best. Thanks for the compliment, I'm surprised how much knowledge is actually in my brain about zombies.

  4. Replies
    1. It's the arsenal for the average Joe based on what the average person has in their home!

  5. mine would be an ar-15 tactical