Monday, April 2, 2012

Zombie Scenarios

Hello Everyone, 

I have realized that I never properly explored the most likely scenarios of how a zombie apocalypse will come about and for that I am sorry. So buckle up and prepare yourself for some knowledge. 

1. Disease Cure/Vaccination: With so many vaccinations being made very quickly and sometimes over night ie H1N1 the potential for the unknown long term effects can lead to a zombie apocalypse.  This scenario would be like the movie "I am Legend". 
Potential: High

2. Biowarfare: We will more than likely have zombies arise due to our need to develop more advance weapons. With this in mind we have the potential for an Umbrella Corp. like in Resident Evil rising up and causing zombies to occur and then try to wipe out anyone that can reveal that they are behind it. 
Potential: High

3. Virus Outbreak: As in the movie 28 Days Later, a virus is released out into the public by mistake and takes over quite quickly. This movie explored the fast moving zombies that would make living very hard. The potential for one of these types of outbreaks is moderate and if you saw the movie Contagion then you know how quickly it could spread. 
Potential: Moderate

4. Virus Mutation: The potential for a mutation of an everyday disease that we take for granted is possible. As this was explored in the movie Quarantine. The disease, rabies, mutated and turned human beings into zombie like killers. As we are in contact with a lot animals in our lives who suffer from diseases that are specific to them leads us as humans waiting for the day that those diseases mutate and affect humans. 
Potential: Low

5. Unknown: More than likely we will just not know how zombies will come about. We might wake up one day and bam zombies are there. This is the most likely scenario. 
Potential: High

6. Our own stupidity: As I am sure many you have read about the University of Pittsburgh being able to bring back to life dogs that have been clinically dead for 3 hours. The potential for this to be used on humans to help save many individuals would be a medical miracle, however we might end up with zombies because of our own stupidity. 
Potential: Moderate High

So suffice it to say it is just a matter of time before zombies are here so be prepared. Check out my other posts as a way of preparing yourself for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. 

Below is at least a way of identifying zombies. 

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