Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zombie Types

Okay guys, I am back again to give you tips and tricks on how to survive the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. The first step is to know your enemy.

There are many ways a zombie can come about as you can ascertain from the above illustration but one must be prepared for how a zombie may attack.

There are four main zombie types as illustrated below. The last one is just for fun.

1. Crawler: This is a zombie that may have been attacked by a foolish human that did not know to go for the head and instead left the zombie with only part of a body therefore it must crawl to get to brains, hence the name crawler. Easiest Kill!

2. Shambler: These types of zombies are walking on a broken leg, ankle, or foot. They are slow moving and overall just creepy. These are the most creepiest to me, I can't stand watching them shamble on that broken foot. Easy kill!!

3. Walker: These are overall slow moving zombies. They are exactly what the name says, a walker. They are easy to kill but can be dangerous in a horde (an inordinately large group of zombies that are usually drawn together by sound, ie. gun shots). Moderate kill!!!

4. Runner: These are by far the most dangerous especially when they are intelligent zombies or are in a zombie horde. Do not try to outrun them, because guess what, they never get tired!!! Weapons and intelligence work best with these types. Hard Kill!!!!

I hope that you will take my advice to heart and start to prepare for the upcoming zombie attack.


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  2. Hi Dieguin,

    Thanks for checking out the site, please add me to your site. S/N Great list on the best movies, 28 Days later is definitely one of my favorites!

  3. Nice blog, and good post. I'm thinking the Thrillers are the hardest to defend agianst because the performance can be dazzeling!

  4. Thanks, I agree the thrillers would be the hardest. You think you have them cornered and then they will do a break dance head spin move and now you are on a receiving end of a bite.

  5. I really like the "how dangerous is a zombie: picture. I'd have to agree with Unknown on the Thrillers XD,

    1. Thanks, I thought the picture was awesome too, I might have to come up with survival tips against Thrillers!