Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Zero Gravity Elevator Ride

Have you ever been in an elevator and became very afraid. Either the elevator may not have shut its doors, may not have moved, moved before the doors were closed or even had a sudden drop. It’s okay because I always worry if this is the time that the elevator will drop and I am left plummeting to my death. I have constant dreams about this. I feel like it will happen just like it does in the movies. The elevator will stop, I will glance up at the number, then a snap, then it begins to plummet and the numbers change quickly as I fall. Apparently on average 26 people a year die in an elevator in America so this is a healthy fear to have. So have you ever had this Morbid Moment?


  1. You have to do one of two things to make it in this situation. Either jump right at impact which is a little hard or lay flat on the floor so the impact won't be so bad.

  2. Those will not work, Mythbusters proved that you will die no matter what

  3. I have great fear about the elevator malfunctioning while in it, who knows it might take forever to fix. I really do not wish this on myself or anyone else. When in fear, take the stairs!

    1. @Anonymous - I agree I have been stuck in an elevator many times and one time had to be pulled out with it in between floors