Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Car Paranoia: Tinted Windows

I realized that I have constant fears of being killed in a car. You first read about my fear of a masked serial killer in the back seat, well I have another one.

Are you ever driving alone at night and are the only car on the road? Then a second car that was behind you drives up next to you with tinted windows. I always have this sudden fear that there is a crazed killer in that car and they are holding up a gun behind those tinted windows and are going to kill me.

Do you ever have this Morbid Moment of Car Paranoia?


  1. Not that fear but that they are going to push me off the road.

  2. Lmao...I just can't belive I knew about Pt.2 b4 I read it...

  3. @Mom - I have that fear too.
    @Anonymous - It is because we have esp!