Friday, February 24, 2012

Bug Out

Imagine that in the middle of the night you are awakened from your sleep and realize that the world has been destroyed either by zombies, earthquake, meteor, water, etc. You now need to get out and survive. If you were lucky enough to store up in your house that’s great but if you house becomes leveled, well there goes your supply! 

If you have not heard of the term “Bug-out” then I am sorry and I have serious reservations on your likelihood of survival. However do not fear, I am here to explain it all.
Bug out – to move out of your position very quickly because your position has been compromised. 

Now that you know the terminology, now you need to pack your bug out bag. I have comprised a list of items that I believe will be helpful in surviving! Check it out and start collecting so you will be ready. 

1. Multi-tool – great to use in various situations and it does not take up a lot of room

2. Compass – do not just depend on the north star!
3. A map – because GPS means nothing if the system is down.
4. Flint and Fire starter – duh! You need a fire from time to time!
5. Crank/Solar Power AM/FM Weather Radio with flashlight and cell phone charger

6. 12 hour yellow light sticks – use if you need a small amount of light but if you have a crank flashlight then you should save them for important situations
7. Flashlight – preferably hand cranked because duh, batteries do not last forever!
8. Survival Knife – do I really need to explain this one?
9. Water Packs – just in case in the beginning but boil water that you find!
10. Water Purifying tablets – It is best to boil your water but you can use these as a last resort.
11. MREs – again great in the beginning but you should be finding alternative food sources. 

12. Compact folding binoculars – great for being on the look out.
13. Rope/Cord – cause you never know and partnered with a tarp makes a great make-shift shelter
14. Anti-diarrhea medication – diarrhea is worse than zombies so make sure you bring some along
15. Stainless steel canteen – because you can use it to boil water
16. An empty can – great to cook food in or boil water

17. Signal Mirror – to contact a rescue team
18. Safety Whistle – great for contacting others in your group
19. Survival Fishing Kit – you need a stable source a food and this is great to have

20. Camp Axe – you need to be able to cut firewood amongst other things
21. Folding Shovel – gotta use it to dig a hole for waste
22. Roll of duct tape – duct tape can always save a lot of problems
23. Tarp – great for a makeshift shelter
24. Ponchos – they are great to use to avoid getting wet
25. Survival guide – unless you already know how to you might as well have a guide to help you
26. Deck of Cards (for boredom – gotta keep yourself sane one of the most important things to have!)

Oh yeah, a gun might be nice!

The most important thing to remember is that with the right gear you can survive in anything!

Good luck and remember to survive!

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