Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hey Guys,

Today you get two Morbid Moments for the price of one!

Are you ever driving your car and come up to a railroad crossing and worry if the warning system is not working. Especially when it is train tracks that you are constantly driving past and have yet to see a train cross. I worry that as I begin crossing that a train is going to come out of nowhere and take me out!

The next Morbid Moment that I always have is when I am driving under a overpass and see the train coming. I always think this is it, there is a penny on the tracks, it will derail, and take me out! (Yes I know a penny cannot derail a train, but still!)

Have you ever had these Morbid Moments?

*Side note the title means the fear of trains.


  1. Wow..is that a the actual name for it? siderodophobia? Very Interesting! I have to admit that the fear does cross my mind almost everytime, esp when I'm unfamiliar with the railroad track:/

  2. Yup, that's the name, I figured I would throw in some knowledge , there is just something scary about trains!