Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Car Paranoia: Airplane Highway

Are you ever driving and see an airplane fly by that is a little too low? Well I happen to live very close to the Newark Airport located in New Jersey. My favorite mall (yes I am am a Mall Rat!) happens to be located right next to the airport. 

Yes, my mall is big, it happens to be the biggest outlet mall in New Jersey, but I digress. So as I am located so close to the airport I often see planes land and take off as I am coming off of the highway and I literally duck as if they will skim the top of my car. I know this is irrational but you know you do it too!

I personally worry that a plane will mess up taking off or landing and crash through the mall or have the more likely scenario of landing on the highway as I am driving to the mall!

Do you ever have this Morbid Moment?

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