Thursday, March 15, 2012

Car Paranoia: Poltergeist

I was recently doing my normal trip from exit 140A to 155P on the NJ Parkway. As I was driving I had a Morbid Moment. 

Are you ever driving and pass through a highway that was built through a cemetery?

One of my favorite movies leads to me to my Morbid Moment. 

As I drive on the highway that came after the cemetery and has it on both sides makes me think Poltergeist: "You moved the headstones but did not move the bodies!"  

Have you ever had this Morbid Moment?

S/N - I added this picture just because the clown from the movie always creeped me out!

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  1. Is crazy but many say this side of Paterson is on top of graveyards....ask Lex about the little girl!

    1. ha, haven't heard that, I will ask, maybe we can do a seance.

  2. Having cemeteries by the highway is common is some country. It's because with our heavy workload, we did not see it. Nice blog. I will back agin for your new post. Thank you

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    1. Hi Jean,

      Thanks, that's true, many countries do have cemeteries next to a highway.