Monday, June 11, 2012

Zombies are Real

Hello Everyone,

I am back from vacation so I am happy to be blogging again especially right now. As I am sure you are all aware of we have been having some interesting news lately. There was the naked man in Miami that was eating another man’s face, the man in NJ that was throwing his intestines at the cops, amongst the other bizarre stories that have surfaced lately. Check out this link which compiles some of the zombie attacks. Zombies Gone Wild

Let’s discuss the man in Miami. This man was naked and caught eating another man’s face. He was told to back off and did not. He growled at the police. He was shot and still kept eating and did not stop until he was shot to death.

I am sorry, how many movies have we seen in which a zombie is eating flesh and turns and growls. The zombie is shot but not a head shot and keeps going. Hello! This is the opening scene to the zombie apocalypse.

Okay so the articles are claiming that there is some new drug on the market or a new form of LSD, etc. This just screams something is not right. I do not believe it. This just screams a government experiment gone wrong.

If this is the zombie apocalypse starting then it sounds to me like we need to be prepared. The book World War Z, explains exactly how no one to the outbreak serious until it was way too late. We have just met Patient Zero so let’s see where is goes. Best of luck to everyone.

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