Friday, March 9, 2012

Zombies vs Aliens - 5 Reasons We Want Zombies!

Over the past week I have been reaching out to various friends about a serious topic. "If the apocalypse happens tomorrow, would you rather face Aliens or Zombies?" Surprisingly many of my friends gave me a look and laughed at my crazy Zombie-ness but others had great insight into the topic. I decided to pull together the reasons why we should hope for zombies over aliens. 

5 Reasons Why We Want to Fight Zombies over Aliens

5. War Tactics - As humans we will first be foolish to negotiate and then we will move to the big boys and try to nuke the aliens. Obviously this is not a good because it will be hard to nuke something in space let alone what will be left of us after we start dropping bombs. 

4. Hanging in Orbit - Aliens are able to hang up high in space and wipe us out while we just run around on the planet like little ants under a magnifying glass and you know how that turns out!

3. IQ - Let's face it while we are moving forward with our space travel.....oh wait didn't we slash the NASA program.....oh well, we used to move forward, but I digress. We still are so far behind compared to Aliens that they will win simply on how advance they are. Basically we will be bringing a knife to a gun fight! 

 2. Types of Aliens - There are so many types of Aliens that can kill us very easily by either coming at us hard or slipping in through the backdoor. You have Aliens filled with acid, Predators, Decepticons, ET, and yes even Alf. We are just not prepared to deal with the types of aliens out there. 

1. Faith - If we are faced with Zombies we can usually have a way to explain how the baby sitter became a zombie. However, with Aliens we can not explain how they came about as they developed on another planet and away from our microscope. We as humans will have our faith destroyed and become crippled with the knowledge that we are not alone; even those of us that believe there has to be other life forms. We are used to being at the top of the food chain and will fail once we are no longer there.

Don't you agree we are better off with Zombies?