Thursday, April 19, 2012

Zombie Myths

I realized that I have a lot of fun filled knowledge in my head about zombies. I decided to share some myths, dispel some myths, and leave some myths open for discussion.

1. Zombie origins - I am not even going to delve into this one, there are so many stories about the dead rising that I could start writing today and never stop. If you can think it, then it can cause a zombie, and I am going to leave it at that.

2. Zombie IQ - it appears as though zombies are getting smarter, zombies have next to no brain activity. They truly move to eat, not necessarily to survive, so I think they are as intelligent as one with a single purpose in life can be.

3. Zombie's sense of smell - in the graphic novel The Walking Dead, they covered themselves in zombie guts so the zombies would not smell them. I do not believe zombies truly have a sense of smell, it is more on sight and sound. The olfactory part of the brain which I do not believe continues to work. 

4. Zombie food - In Survival of the Dead, they tried to teach zombies to eat regular animals not people. Zombies prefer people, I think we need to keep this in mind and not experiment, just kill. Stop looking for a cure. 

5. Zombie poo - Apparently this is a hot debate, do Zombies poo. Think about it, they eat but you never see them with a newspaper heading into the bathroom so where does it all go? Not sure, I guess we shall see. Thoughts on this one?

6. Zombie Micheal Phelps - The question of can zombies swim is often explored. In the movie Land of the Dead and the book World War Z, the zombies do not swim but they do walk in the water, walk along the bottom of whatever body of water, and then emerge on the other side. We all know dead bodies float, heck living bodies float, so zombies walking through the water is not feasible. 

7. Zombie animals - lately we all  have been seeing Zombie animals like the zombie dogs in Resident Evil (my favorite video game of all time) and the zombie Bengal tiger in 2012 Zombie Apocalypse. Depending on the reason why we have zombies, this could happen's best friend will become man's worst enemy. 

8. Zombie Hordes - they are real, they do exist, and they can overrun you. Zombies do not consciously decide to become a horde but rather they are like lemmings and just start following others and like lemmings you can kill them easy if you truly think of a good strategy. S/N you and a gun is not a good strategy. 

9. Zombie strength - you have seen zombies tear into a person's brain, and I am sure we all know that there is a skull they have to get through. So the question is once you are dead and no longer feel pain do you now become crazy PCP strong? This concept I am unsure of but I do not believe a zombie is able to use their teeth and bite through a skull. Thoughts?

10. Zombies - This is where I end it, I will update as more zombie myths come out and welcome my zombie followers to debate the myths. 

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  1. A curious future zombie slayerMay 7, 2012 at 12:17 AM

    Considering that normal humans can bite off their own finger as easily as biting a carrot(Your brain is just like "What's wrong with you?! Don't eat your finger!!), I think zombie's added strength makes sense. A zombie's brain would no longer tell it not to crush bones, so I think they really could bite through a skull, but with a little more effort than people seem to think.