Friday, July 27, 2012

Dead & Deader: Movie Review

Hello Everyone,

I am back again with another Zombie filled review.

Dead & Deader: After he's bitten by a scorpion carrying a zombie virus, a tough soldier survives the infection, becoming only a half zombie. Once back in the US, he finds himself fighting his former comrades in arms, all of whom are turning into zombies!

This movie happens to star Superman aka Dean Cain. I am sorry but Dean Cain will always be Superman to me no matter how many "interesting" roles he plays.

This movie was a step up from a B Horror....well maybe not a whole step, just a half a step so a B+ Horror. Yup, I am going to go with that B+ Horror as it is an appropriate description. The movie had cheesy graphics and not a very strong  story line but it had Dean Cain with Guy Torry as his faithful zombie killing sidekick. The whole concept of being a half-zombie is interesting and I enjoyed his "Super" zombie powers.

What zombie movie wouldn't be complete without a creeper coroner, Armin Shimerman, who makes the fatal error of diagnosising people as dead when they seem to keep getting up and walking around.

This movie was riddled with problems but it was enjoyable. So go check it out.

Movie Rating:  ☺☺
4 out of 5 Smileys

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