Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Killer Vending Machine

Do you ever get a craving and decide to hit up the vending machine? You put your money in and realize you do not have enough money, or you hit the wrong button and get something crappy, or the worse yet you hit the button for what you want and your item gets stuck. You then have a moment of temporary insanity and start to beat up the vending machine! Well be careful vending machines can and will strike back!


  1. They can grab your arm and the next thing you know they will swallow you up

  2. Exactly, you reach in for a candy bar and come back with a stump.

  3. Yes it happened with me once, quite embarrassing moment for me at that time.

    1. Hey Coffee Vending Machine,

      Thanks for the comment. It might have been embarrassing but I am sure you laughed at yourself later.

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