Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monkeys Want Your Soul!!!

I was recently watching television and saw one of those instrument playing monkeys. I thought to myself wow those things are the creepiest ever. I mean really think about it. The only time you see those Monkeys are in scary movies in which they automatically start playing because of some ghost or spirit is present. I personally think those Monkeys have evil souls from people who were executed for heinous crimes. I always feel that those Monkeys have one thing in mind and that is to kill!

Have you ever had this Morbid Moment?

S/N: Please do not look to closely in the eyes of the monkey in the picture it might try to steal your soul.


  1. I remember James' teacher called me in when he was 2nd grade because she said she'd caught him daydreaming too much and not focusing on his work. When we got home I asked him what he was daydreaming about & he said he was picturing that kind of monkey (the one you posted) entertaining him. Now I think of that whenever I see that

  2. lol, that's good that he was entertained by them, I have always been afraid of those things, they just look so evil to me.

  3. BTW gigi had a theory on giant Teddy bears u should discuss w her

    1. Giant Teddy Bears, I'm intrigued, I definetly will.